Supporting Innovation

  SUPPORTING INNOVATION Innovation is all around us with new business technologies and exciting start-up business models. We are constantly moving into new terrain and companies are creating support systems through technology and human resources to implement and drive this innovation process. In today’s business landscape, the changing pace of business workplace systems and procedures …

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Feedback Loops in Business

Feedback loops play an important role in all aspects of life. Feedback loops influence our behaviour by keeping us safe and healthy and they also measure our progression toward outcomes through positive or negative feedback. We utilise feedback loops as tools of improvement so we can constantly evolve and thrive. All organisations need to monitor …

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HR thoughts for Startups

Start-up companies are created to respond to and leverage off changing technological and economic environments.  Acquiring the right information, reading and understanding the change from a new perspective and responding quickly in a competitive environment requires a flexible business model. Adopting flexibility for a constant re-invention of a business model is necessary but so is …

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