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Our service solution provides your business with peace of mind in managing the day to day functions of HR and Payroll in our ever changing employment landscape.  We pride ourselves on getting the job done with a highly responsive, flexible, innovative and customer centred approach.


Automate your onboarding function from e-contracts, online super and tax, up to the probationary period.

Employee Portal User Experience

Easy to use cloud-based eSS system and App, which allows entry from computer or mobile devices.

Cloud Payroll Processing

Processed on-the-fly at the click of a button, at any time with integrated payroll systems and integrated corporate accounting systems.

STP and Statutory Reporting

Monthly or Quarterly ATO & State Revenue Office lodgements, Payroll Tax reporting, Singe Touch Payroll (STP) reporting.

SGC Reporting

Timely & effortless Super Fund payment & reporting to integrated clearing houses. Management of setting up new starters in company default funds.

Cloud HR workflow setup & processing

Automate key HR workflows & instant reporting of all employee leave entitlements with integrated HRMS systems.

You can be assured of the security of your employee data via our Multi-Factor Authentication and Two-Factor Authentication access options and alignment with the practices of Government Regulatory Authorities.  All employee data is securely housed in secure servers and is readily available 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year from any device.  Whether you are the employer processing payroll, HR manager preparing for an employee’s performance appraisal or the Accountant or Financial Controller reviewing or processing the pay run, accessing data securely and timely is at your fingertips.

Our software partners operate locally and are supported by our team of professionals in Payroll & HR.  All ATO reporting & questions are answered by our team of CPAs from our offices local to you.

Self-service Portal

Our HR and Payroll service allows your employees to log into a companybranded self-service Payroll Portal, which lets employees view and update details. Management and administrators also use the portal with more access to reporting and administrative functions. PAY plus HR fees are based on a per-user structure charged as one flat fee monthly. Secure access to self-service portal for management and employees includes:

  • Processing
  • Onboarding of new starters
  • Termination
  • Payroll tax
  • Tax returns
  • Superannuation lodgements
  • Scheduling / Rostering / Timesheeting
  • Award interpretation and alignment
  • STP reporting to the ATO

Why the PAY plus HR model?

We offer a combined HR and Payroll offering with automation of workflows and ease of processing previously out-of-reach for businesses too small, or those who choose not to have a dedicated Payroll and HR Department. We are the go-to service provider for combined HR and Payroll business services and solutions where we manage your employee’s work-life experience, from hiring, right through to termination. We understand the need to provide your organisation with an unbiased, accurate and cost-effective offering based on a pay-as-you-use fee schedule so we can grow with you.  Our company is managed by a team of professionals where all your HR, Recruiting, Payroll and ATO reporting & questions are handled by our team of CPA’s and expert payroll and HR practitioners. We also know that every client is unique, so a consultative approach is also undertaken to provide a solution that will sustain your business needs and goals and one that can grow with your business.

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Save on Staffing Costs

PAY plus HR’s flexible and cost-effective ‘combined’ Pay and HR solution relieves the need for administrative staff and completing time-consuming administrative tasks.

Increased productivity

Managing payroll & HR transactions can be time consuming. PAY plus HR automates these tasks in its cloud-based payroll and HR systems, freeing up employers’ time to take focus on important matters in the business – with peace of mind that the payroll and HR function is being processed timely and accurately.


Payroll and HR errors can be embarrassing and expensive for employers. Compliance with Fair Work, NES and ATO provides employers with peace of mind that your all payrolls and HR practices are processed in accordance with the latest laws.

Software & Legislative Changes

PAY plus HR means no more software upgrades or constant reading up on legislative changes and software subscriptions. Our clients receive access to our cloud-based payroll and HR solutions that are current and updated with the latest changes.

Ease of Use for New Employees

Employing new personnel has never been easier. New employees are guided through e-onboarding all statutory forms including TFN declaration, Super Choice, HR Manuals and Employment Contracts. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for new employees to complete these without formal training.


Our reports are readily available whether it be reviewing performance reports, grievances, rosters or schedules, timesheets or monthly super obligations. All data is live and accurate when you log into your Admin Portal to access your latest information. All reports can be downloaded & printed in PDF, downloaded to excel for spreadsheets & forecasts, or simply uploaded directly into your General Ledger for payroll.

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