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Payroll Feature Overview

Single Touch Payroll Compliant and BAS Registered Agent

Through our ease of Single Touch Payroll built into the Payplus HR system, you have confidence knowing that you can report to the ATO your PAYG and Super payments made to employees each pay run.  This is for all businesses of any size.  We are also a BAS Registered Agent, so in your payroll setup, we can also lodge as an approved BAS Agent on your behalf if you do not have one of your own.  

Award Interpretation

We build awards based on demand. There are at least 44 of the 122 industry awards built into Payplus HR system.  It is also possible to build Enterprise Agreements (EA) into the platform.  Payplus HR provides the system flexibility to handle your unique scenarios.

With an Award installed or EA setup, you’ll have true automation of all pay calculations, ensuring compliant timesheets in all instances. The Pay Conditions engine can look after all things such as:

  • Pay rate templates covering standard rates, penalty rates and allowances for each age bracket and each classification
  • Pay conditions
  • Overtime rules
  • Allowances
  • Public holiday rules
  • Time in lieu of overtime
  • Shift worker support
  • Leave templates – including state-based long service leave entitlements
  • Superannuation thresholds
  • Pay rate increases
  • Age progression through the award
  • Increase wage rates based on anniversaries – ideal for qualifications where applicable

Any timesheet information will be sliced and diced through the rule sets of the Award or EA, automating all your wage cost calculations according to the Award or EA and will ensure compliance across the award without any requirement for manual calculations in Excel or the potential for human error in doing so.


  • Set qualifications against a roster and apply those to shifts
  • Set budgets against a roster (as a % of sales for example)
  • Create roster templates
  • Achieve costed rosters – as discussed this shows you the exact cost of rostering particular employees across shifts.
  • Employees can set their unavailability for rosters via their Employee Self Service portal
  • Employees can accept and reject shifts
  • Employees can swap shifts with colleagues
  • View employees on leave
  • Employees can fill unassigned shifts via Shift Bidding

Time & Attendance

Timesheets can be entered:

  1. A basic end of day timesheet entry from the employee portal online or from the mobile app, WorkZone
  2. Time and Attendance – by clocking on / off using Clock Me In via iPad, this is used more readily by businesses with employees coming to fixed locations each day
  3. Clocking on and off using WorkZone (mobile app).

Employee Self Setup (Onboarding)

Payplus HR removes the paperwork associated with hiring new employees. Woo Hoo!!!  With employee self set up, employers can send a digital form to new starters and let them enter their own personal information to instantly onboard themselves. The data will then automatically be lodged to the ATO – no more paper TFN forms. No more chasing!  

Employee Self Service (ESS) portal

Give employees access to a wide variety of payroll functions in an easy to use online portal. The Employee Portal is also accessible via ‘WorkZone’ – Payplus HR’s integrated mobile app for employees

  • View and edit personal details, bank accounts and super funds – employees can split payments across multiple bank and super fund accounts
  • View leave balances, log leave requests, receive notifications for approval/rejection of requests
  • Access all past payslips, documents and payment summaries
  • Enter timesheets
  • Set unavailability for the roster, where required
  • Accept or reject rostered shifts, where required

Automated Pay Runs

Payplus HR allows you to automate payroll in the background with automated pay schedules. The automation can be set up to cause the pay run to stop should an exception be met.

Employee Managers

Managers can be set up with multitude permissions across employee groups such as approving leave requests and approving timesheets. Employee Groups are dynamic meaning when a new employee is added and fits the criteria of a particular group, the employee is automatically added to the group.

Employee Managers can also approve leave and timesheets for their employees via WorkZone.


Employees can log their time to a cost centre, depending on the business’s requirements. We call them ‘Locations’ but this can be any cost centre – department / site etc.


For all super salary sacrifice arrangements or other pre and post tax deductions

Leave Management – managing leave is a lot simpler with Payplus HR.  No more hard copy forms!

Paying employees – ABA files or BPAY

Generating your ABA files post finalising the pay run

We can also generate a BPAY file for ANZ, Westpac, NAB and Commonwealth Bank to pay employees

Sending payslips

Payslip notifications can be sent either via email or SMS and with a single click once you’ve finalised a pay run

Employees can now access their payslips straight from their phones using ‘WorkZone’

Journal Service + Journal export / Integrations with Xero, QBO, Saasu, Netsuite

When you finalise a pay run in Payplus HR, we push your payroll journals automatically to your GL (where there is a direct integration). We have a direct integration with Xero, Saasu, Netsuite and we are the payroll platform in QBO.

Otherwise if you’re using another platform, you can simply export the journals for import into your GL.

Automated superannuation payments

We have a direct integration with Beam, a Super Fund clearing house, meaning you can make automated super payments directly from Payplus HR, as well as allowing you to set up your default fund.

Document distriubtion

Documents can be broadcast to all employees or uploaded to individual employee files. You have the choice to make these visible to the employee or simply saved against their employee file.  

EOFY + Income Statements

To give you an idea on EOFY assistance and capabilities with Payplus HR.

With STP, your year end obligations are already reported throughout the year, making it easier for your staff to access their Income Statements via their myGov online portal.


Access – Payplus HR provides appropriate access to specific groups within the organisation to perform the tasks they’re required to. Payplus HR can be accessed from anywhere – we are a true cloud application. Employees can also access all their employment related details via WorkZone meaning less disruption to your payroll department for leave requests and requests for copies of payslips, for example.

Compliance and process Payplus HR takes compliance seriously. One change to information displayed or not displayed on a payslip can mean non-compliant payslips. Payplus HR does not allow this – the platform provides enough flexibility to suit your unique scenario whilst simultaneously ensuring compliance across all facets of payroll. Some examples are:

  • We automate the expiry of deductions and allowances
  • Payplus HR automates the calculation of the super threshold for under and over 18s
  • We automatically calculate the super quarterly cap
  • We automate deductions and payments to third party bank accounts e.g. garnishees
  • Payplus HR provides reporting at a journal or location level – detailed breakdown of the payroll at a location/cost centres/branch/entity
  • Automatic calculation of wages based on attendance using modern awards using. Automatically adds allowances, automatically progresses the employee through levels within the award where applicable – a business does not need to maintain this, it happens automatically
  • Flexibility with award – (EA, Awards), ability to override awards conditions that are optional

TimeThe platform can be used to spread the work required to maintain payroll. Apart from reduced processing times mentioned earlier, Payplus HR allows businesses to  give managers further responsibility for their location or group of employees.  Payplus HR is a business management tool, as well as being a payroll platform.


Payplus HR is constantly developing the platform to continue to bring automation and compliance to payroll. In order to demonstrate this, we’ve provided a short list of recently released features below:

  • Expense claims via WorkZone – Employees can now log expense claims using the Payplus HR mobile app, WorkZone. These then form part of the journal for your GL.
  • Automation of public holiday management – the import of public holidays is now managed automatically.
  • Custom messages coming to report packs – Report packs allows you to automate the delivery of chosen reports, to your own email address, or to a manager within the business, or client, and we’ve added custom messaging.
  • Updates to Clock Me In – With so many businesses using Clock Me In, we wanted to streamline the timesheet submission and approval process. One such feature is the ability for staff to log on using their rostered times.
  • Shift Bidding – Employers can publish unassigned shifts to employees to select Shift Bidding
  • New manager capabilities including the ability to initiate the employee self setup, to manage employee documents and qualifications.
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