Why Outsource Payroll and HR

Why Outsource Payroll and HR

Moving to a contemporary outsourced managed services contracting model today, will improve and optimise the management of your payroll and human resource function and workflows. You will immediately see reduced costs and minimise the need for internal payroll or HR staff.  Additionally you will receive an unbiased service approach where we have your business interests at heart.

Partnering with PAY plus HR will provide your business with a low risk, high quality and up to date payroll and human resource service and solution that is 100% Australian owned. You will be supported by dedicated and qualified PAY plus HR Advisers who facilitate and use cloud based payroll and HRM systems for you as well as providing the payroll, HR and recruitment support and consulting advice when you need it. We just don’t process information. We provide solutions to your employee’s work-life experience from hiring, right through to termination and everything in between.

PAY plus HR will also ensure your company’s legislative compliance to award updates, company specific EBA’s and changes in employment and taxation laws.

We recognise the need to provide organisations with smart payroll and HR business solutions to improve services of today. PAY plus HR can offer implementation flexibility to meet your organisation’s unique payroll and HR needs as well as supporting your HR and even your recruitment strategies.

Staff and management can also benefit from using a full service Human Resources system – not just a Payroll system. This also includes the benefit of accessing your own information via an employee Self Service Kiosks available via desktop and App. Information is encrypted and has security restrictions, so you can also be assured of information security and integrity.

By utilising PAY plus HR’s outsourced managed services, you will also eliminate the risk of unexpected costs for application software and hardware upgrades. Overall, we will ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time, confidential HR information captured and your business compliance achieved.

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